PlayStation Weekly News – Activision Teases New Crash, Sony’s Faked Footage & Post Release Destiny 2

On this weeks show I’ll talk about Activision’s thoughts on the possibility of expanding the Crash Bandicoot series as well how Sony posted Xbox One X footage of BioWare’s Anthem on their YouTube channel. I’ll also talk about Destiny 2’s new approach to post release content, Lords of the Fallen 2’s new change in direction, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s new multiplayer content, The Elder Scrolls Online’s current ESO Plus Bonus Event, the upcoming Tim Burtonesque Last Day of June, the Spider-Man: Homecoming Virtual Reality Experience, as well as the newly announced pixel art psychological thriller The Long Reach.

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Posted 7 Jul, 2017

Playstation Network ID: PrairieMcChicken

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